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Bahnhofplatz 10
031 312 91 11

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Surrounded by humans and traffic you'll discover a vegetarian restaurant with chic interiors and a modern coffeeshop-feeling. The tidy filling station for vitamins is serving over 30 different salads, daily changing warm meals, homemady sandwiches and pastries. For the thirst you have the choice between fresh pressed fruit juices, Mango-Lassi and a selection of red/white/rosé-wines and the local Egger-beer. The felicitous seating offers an option for every mood. Young kids and chain-smokers will find special areas in their taste. During summer you can dine on the station square next to the church of the holy ghost. The treats are charged per gram. Not cheap but a great place with a freshness you'll savour, so pile it on! And if you're on the jump you can get the whole selection inclusive drinks as take-away.

Mon-Sat 06:00-24:00
Sun 08:00-24:00


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