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Zeughausgasse 20
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Founded in the punk fever of 1977, with fancy London fashion, vintage clothing and the motto 'plastic instead of jute', Olmo placed a milestone in the local understanding of fashion. Since then Olmo is deeply rooted in Berne. Always tightly bound to music, Olmo is ahead of every trend. Former punks, today with work wife and children, like to come shopping with their offspring. Here you'll find a lot of original labelwarez for every occasion. Many collections are sold exclusively and so you get a special selection of street-, party- and sportswear as well as accessories such as the Swiss Freitag bags. On Thursday nights and Saturday you can shop accompanied by DJ tunes. Don't forget to pick up a few Olmo-cards. These postcards are designed by young artists and offer every time a funny surprise. A collection of the hitherto published cards can be seen on the Olmo-homepage. In direct neighborhood is the Lollypop record store and the stylish haircutters Ops Divina.

Mon 12:00-18:30
Tue-Fri 09:30-18:30
Thu 09:30-21:00

FC Breitenrain


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Eichholz Bad

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Les Amis

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