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Ziebelegässli 16
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Fashion for obsession - from Haute couture to punk. In a gloomy atmosphere - hidden behind a unsuspicious staircase - you'll find an international selection of fetish, gothic and SM-fashion in every size. A challenge for your wardrobe? Surely the top-address for underground-fashion made from lack, leather, rubber or velvet - riddled with rivets or frills. Great selection of Victorian corsages, men skirts, celebrity fashion and costumes from movies like Matrix and Dracula. Bizarre accessories such as wipes, swords, silver jewellery, chains, bags and palpable shoes round off the selection which is frequently completed with the latest trends. Scene shop offering personal advice and a great choice of quality. Latest literature and tickets for special happenings.

Mon 14:00-18:30
Tue-Fri 11:00-18:30
Thu 11:00-20:00


Aarbergergasse 26

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Martha Haus

Wyttenbachstrasse 22a

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BERNMOBIL Bahnhofplatz


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