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Fugu - Nydegg

Gerechtigkeitsgasse 16
031 311 51 25

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Fugu promises you a easy, fast and fine time. The dangerously chic and still down to earth friendly restaurant is managed by young staff and brings you a very tasty Asian-European kitchen. Fugu is Japanese and translates into blowfish, of which half of them contain Tetrodoxin, the stronges known toxic protein. You won't get blowfish served, but a daily meals, salads, satai- or yakitori-skewers and soups. Ideal for a healthy and tasty meal and perfect for a driftage with tee, drinks and bakeries. In the on minimal cultivated interiors you'll feel the Old times, then the Nydegg was one of the first restaurants in Berne and was in the 15th century the only place in town with a licence to sell bear meat. In summer you'll enjoy the sun on the outdoor seatings in the Gerechtigkeitsgasse, where you are right in the action. The restaurant opens at 6:30 PM.

Tu-Fr 5PM - open end
Sa 4PM - open end

Staatsarchiv des Kt Bern

Falkenplatz 4

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Gurtengasse 6

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