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Tierpark Dälhölzli

Tierparkweg 1
031 357 15 15

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The local zoo, on the boarders of the aare lies in the scenery of the Dälhölzli forest. Main themes are european animials as european otter, musk ox, lynx, wolf, wisent, elk, reindeer, waldrapp. In the tropical vivarium you will discover wildlife stirnlappenbasilisken, butterflies and feuerweber. Unique in switzerland you can get very close to termites and blattschneider-ants. In the forest behind the vivarium you find on location a picnic- and fireplace as well as a playground with various installations for fooling around with your youngsters. Entry to a large area of the parc is free of charge, the entryprices are: 7.-, kids 3.- or free of charge until 6y, families 16.-, students/groups 5.-. At the trainstation you can catch bus nr. 19, it stops at Tierpark.

Open 365 days
Summer 8 AM - 6:30 PM
Winter 9 AM - 5 PM

Du Nord

Lorrainestrasse 2

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