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Bern rollt

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Rolling smart for free: In the city center you can rent yourself a human powered vehicle (bike) for a depot of 20 Francs and your identity card. The offer includes city-bikes, electro-bikes, mini-scooters, skateboards and Kiddie bikes in great condition. The counter opens at 07:30 AM and stays open till 9:30 PM. Please bring back your vehicle on the same day you rented it. This service begins on May 3rd and finishes at the end of October. You find the 'Bern rollt' service at the train station and on Waisenhausplatz.

From may until october.

Oldies Shop

Bollwerk 19

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Stadtgärtnerei Elfenau

Elfenauweg 94

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Zeitglockenlaube 4

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